Picking the Best Instant Messenger User Name

One of the most important details when it comes to setting up an instant messaging account might be one of the most overlooked. However, it is your first impression in the IM world and it needs to be your best foot forward. Of course, I am talking about choosing the best user name.

For business IM accounts, it is crucial to use your full or first name, if it is available. In fact, many enterprise instant messaging clients often don’t allow you to choose a screen name and just use your full or first name, if it is available. However, for IM accounts that are being used on a free IM client, like AIM, it is important to chose a user name that is professional.

For example, names like “hotbabe09” or “loves2party” will certainly bring the wrong impression to perspective clients and supervisors. They may not take you seriously or what’s worse, they may think that you don’t take yourself seriously. My screen name is my first name is a few numbers behind it- kelsey7820. While this isn’t an ideal screen name (ideal would probably be kelseychildress or kelseyc), it is somewhat professional and I’m not afraid to use it with clients and co-workers.