International Relations

One of the best things about having a hosted and secure instant messaging (IM) client is the fact that it can be used to talk to people from all around the world. Right now, I have a manager that is spending 3 weeks in another country visiting family. We are able to talk on instant messaging anytime I have questions or need help with a project I am working on.

Normally, when you think about talking a person in another country…lots of fears and questions arise (for me, at least). I think about if I’ll need a new cell phone to make the international call, how much extra it will cost, or if I’ll need to get an international calling card from the grocery store to make sure I have enough money during the call. It creates a lot of anxiety for me!

Luckily, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t have to worry about any of that because we are simply able to talk using our instant messaging program. Besides the time difference to think about, there isn’t much else standing in our way of being able to communicate. It makes things so much less stressful!

If you and your manager need a way to communicate either internationally or just across the office, check out Brosix: