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Do your parents use IM?

My mom just joined facebook about six months ago, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to seeing her status updates and profile up on my news feed when I log in. She posts pictures and we even occasionally talk over Facebook Chat.

Besides joining Facebook, my mom also uses the MSN instant messenger almost every night to talk with her significant other, who lives in another small town about 30 minutes away. Because they cannot see each other every day, they use IM to stay in touch.

When I first started using instant messenger ten years ago, I never thought I would see my mom using it on a regular basis to communicate. But I definitely think that my mom uses IM for reasons other than why I did ten years ago. She uses it to converse — to talk seriously, update people close to her about her day, and to relay important information. Ten years ago (and even now, occasionally) I use(d) instant messaging for gossip, asking basic questions I need an answer right away on, and sharing interesting news links and websites.

Even though my mom and I use instant messengers in different ways, we have one thing in common — we use it to communicate. Even though the information sent and received may vary, and the amount and length of conversations ranges from short to long, we use instant messaging to talk to our friends and family.

Comunication is Key.

Communication General

Is Texting a Mobile Version of IM?

In this day and age, texting  seems to be the most popular form of mobile secure communication. But, is it the mobile version of hosted instant messaging? I’m going to explore the ways that texting is, and isn’t, the best way to take IM on the go.

Texting IS a form of mobile hosted instant messaging:

  • You can have private conversations with one person (or multiple people) at a time
  • It allows you to mobilize communication, without the requirement of large data downloads or internet use time.
  • Is possible a fast way to get answers

Texting IS NOT a form of mobile hosted instant messaging:

  • The person may not answer right away as they are busy, whereas with IM, you know if they are available or not, for the most part.
  • Costs more, depending on your cell phone plan
  • Cannot send large files to most cell phones
  • Usually takes more time to type

A good middle ground is the fact that there are some phones that allow some chat programs to be loaded onto it, such as AIM. However, these programs do use internet access and/or airtime, so an unlimited internet or data plan is best. I have AIM on my iPod Touch, and while typing does take a while to get used to, I could see myself using it on an iPhone to chat with people while I am away from my desk, running errands, or bored on a car trip.

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More Resources on Hosted IM Programs

If you need more places to find out information on hosted IM programs or IM clients, you are more than welcome to check out my other hosted IM blog, Hosted IM Spot. It provides articles very similar to the ones here and is usually updated 1-2 times per week, depending on how much I am able to post on this blog as well.

Also, I used to write on the Brosix blog and I know that it still has some great bloggers over there that continue to provide great tips about Brosix, instant messaging, workplace communication, and much more.

Additionally, besides blogs, I’ve been able to find a lot of other resources on the web that provides resources for those looking to learn more about free, corporate, and private online and instant communication. I really like to use the forums over at Big Blue Ball and read Brandon’s articles on the IM section of Both are very reputable sites that continuously provide current and up-to-date information.

I know that the niche of hosted instant messagaging is small, but definitely has a steady group base of consumers that are interested in providing themselves and their employees with a private, secure, and easy to use online communication alternative. I’m sure that hosted IM clients will only continue to grow in popularity.


International Relations

One of the best things about having a hosted and secure instant messaging (IM) client is the fact that it can be used to talk to people from all around the world. Right now, I have a manager that is spending 3 weeks in another country visiting family. We are able to talk on instant messaging anytime I have questions or need help with a project I am working on.

Normally, when you think about talking a person in another country…lots of fears and questions arise (for me, at least). I think about if I’ll need a new cell phone to make the international call, how much extra it will cost, or if I’ll need to get an international calling card from the grocery store to make sure I have enough money during the call. It creates a lot of anxiety for me!

Luckily, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t have to worry about any of that because we are simply able to talk using our instant messaging program. Besides the time difference to think about, there isn’t much else standing in our way of being able to communicate. It makes things so much less stressful!

If you and your manager need a way to communicate either internationally or just across the office, check out Brosix:

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The Communication of Women

For women, communication comes naturally. Perhaps this is why I enjoy using instant messaging so much! It is easy for me to communicate with several people at once, all while still doing my work, surfing the internet, or checking my email.

Although over 3 conversations at once can get hard to keep track of, it is still a great way to ask questions and get answers quickly without bothering to make any phone calls or wait for an email to come back with a response. 

There are so many different ways to communicate nowadays, and I strongly believe that women use these opportunities as much as possible. Some of the different methods of communication that I use everyday not only include instant messaging, but also email, phone calls, postal mail, texting, webcam, and social media websites. 

Because I live in a city that is about 120 miles away from most of my friends and family, using instant messaging and other forms of communication are the only ways I can stay close to them. I am so glad that these methods are available and for the most part, free of charge. Of course, there will usually always be a charge for internet or hosting, but I’d definitely pay more than $15 a month for the internet I use now in order to stay in touch and communicate with my friends and family.


Social Media and Hosted Instant Messaging

For many, social media marketing, blogging, and instant messaging all go hand-in-hand. They are all part of what has been coined “Web 2.0”.  Web 2.0, according to Wikipedia, is the ‘next generation’ of internet. This includes social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, along with blogging (like this blog and and video sharing sites like You Tube. Wikipedia also defines Web 2.0 as ‘hosted applications’ which is exactly what hosted instant messaging is.

Combing you and your organization’s online communication image and efforts with Web 2.0 media is easier than many people think. All it takes is time to set up profiles. There is usually no cost for social networking profiles and many hosted instant messaging programs cost very little.

The most important thing to remember about social networking profiles, blogs, and other online marketing and communication efforts is the fact that they must continue to be maintained. It isn’t enough that they are there; they must continue to be updated in order for potential customers and fans will continue to be reminded and kept up-to-date with their activities.

This is why I continue to update this blog and at least 3-4 times per week. I also maintain the twitter profile and the facebook page, mentioned above. These avenues of marketing are a great way to increase communication between you, your clients, and your employees.

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Instant Messaging is Fun!


Instant messaging is a fun way to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers. And what better way to communicate online then by doing it with a hosted instant messaging program like Brosix? Hosted IM programs take out all the stress and worry of online communication so you can go back to focusing on the most important part of IM- talking with others (whether it be for fun or for business). 

Why is instant messaging so fun? Well, it is definitely hard to put a finger on. To me, I believe that instant messaging is fun because it gives you time to think about what you are going to say and the smileys and emoticons make communication more laidback and easy to do. When I was working full-time as a Marketing Coordinator in the corporate world, I loved the fact that instant messaging programs were allowed on our computers. It made it easy to ask a fellow co-worker how their birthday was while also asking another co-worker about a project that was due.

Maybe hosted instant messaging is so fun because it is so easy. Being able to talk to several people instantly at once (and in private conversations) is something that can only be done with instant messaging. You can’t do it on the phone, over e-mail, or even in person. 

So go ahead, get wild and crazy and go find yourself a hosted instant messaging program.  You’ll thank me!