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Instant Messaging 2.0

When instant messaging was first developed in the 70s and 80s, and then modernized in the 90s, it was just a treat to be able to communicate with another user in the same room, even though you were on two different computers. But what used to be an archaic form of ‘instant’ e-mail has now developed into a premier option for online and digital communication.

This is a phenomenon I’d like call “Instant Messaging 2.0”.  This isn’t your grandmother’s IM program, so to speak. Instant Messaging clients are now (more than ever) one of the first choices for working professionals in an office or purely internet-based company. This IM 2.0 includes hosted instant messaging, which is the main topic of this blog and my other blog, Hosted IM Spot. With Hosted IM chat programs, hard-working CEOs, managers, and their employees no longer have to worry about the headache and stress that comes from worrying about if they data is safe.

Yes, in this age of ‘IM 2.0’ most data is the most secure that it has ever been. Encrypted (hosted) servers make sure data cannot be analyzed by a malicious source, such as a hacker or competing business. Having a hosted IM client may actually save your company money, but making sure that your data and personal information is always secure.

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Instant Messaging is Fun!

Instant messaging is a fun way to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers. And what better way to communicate online then by doing it with a hosted instant messaging program like Brosix? Hosted IM programs take out all the stress and worry of online communication so you can go back to focusing on the most important part of IM- talking with others (whether it be for fun or for business). 

Why is instant messaging so fun? Well, it is definitely hard to put a finger on. To me, I believe that instant messaging is fun because it gives you time to think about what you are going to say and the smileys and emoticons make communication more laidback and easy to do. When I was working full-time as a Marketing Coordinator in the corporate world, I loved the fact that instant messaging programs were allowed on our computers. It made it easy to ask a fellow co-worker how their birthday was while also asking another co-worker about a project that was due.

Maybe hosted instant messaging is so fun because it is so easy. Being able to talk to several people instantly at once (and in private conversations) is something that can only be done with instant messaging. You can’t do it on the phone, over e-mail, or even in person. 

So go ahead, get wild and crazy and go find yourself a hosted instant messaging program.  You’ll thank me!




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