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What Instant Messenger Features are Important to You?

When you are using an instant messenger, what features do you utilize the most? There are more and more “extras” that because use in instant messenger conversations every day. Some of these features include:

  • Video Chat
  • Voice Chat
  • File Transfer
  • Drawing Boards (like the award-winning Brosix whiteboard)
  • Group Chat Rooms

For me personally, I use the text messaging most (which is obviously the basic purpose of IM), but I also use the file transfer a lot to send funny pictures to friends or to have a co-worker check an article I am writing for one of our client’s websites.

I would like to use group chat and video chat a lot more, but since most of the people that are on my buddy list don’t like to use it or unable to use it due to the instant messaging program they are using, which doesn’t support it. For contacts that I don’t see much, video chat is a great option because it allows me to converse with them without having to use my cell phone minutes. It’s free, and I also get to see their face while I am talking to them, which often makes communication a lot clearer.

Are there any instant messenger features besides the ones above that you use every day? Or, do you use group chat a  lot and have a story to share? Post a comment!

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Who Doesn’t Use IM?

In these modern times, it’s hard to find anyone who isn’t using email, internet, or some form of electronic communication. Instant messaging has come to to the forefront of digital and internet communcation and has revolutionized the way that America’s workers and organizations are collaborating together.

Instant messaging is a great way for the workers of America to come together and be able to continuously communicate throughout the day while remaining at their computers to work on projects or stay focused to work on deadlines. 

The use of the internet is basically a job requirement for most office-oriented jobs. And once you know how to use the internet, then using instant messaging is not too far behind. It is so easy to use and simple- anyone who knows how to type can use it! For employees and their managers who want to communicate without ever having to leave their desk, instant messaging can not only boost productivity, but can also help companies stay on the frontier of digital communication. 

Even if you do not want to spend money on providing instant messaging for your employees, there are free hosted and secure messaging programs that can still provide the solution you are looking for. One of these include Brosix Public, which is a secure communication program. Brosix is the sponsor of this blog and is dedicated to providing you options when choosing a hosted IM client provider.



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Even if you are not looking for an instant messaging program for your organization,  there are still several uses for a hosted IM program. These can include using IM for communication with clients, family, and friends.

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