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Is Lack of Communication Holding You Back?

What many CEOs, new buisness owners, or managers promoted from a lower role assume is, that if you get a group of people together, then they will all eventually be able to communicate effectively. However, it is crucial to realize that this is simply not the case at all. Because people have different communication styles, they are more likely to find it harder to relate to others who perfer a different type of communication.

Many people are visual learners- they like to learn by doing- taking notes, watching a  video presentation, etc. Many are audio learners- they would rather listen to an audiobook then to actually read the book themselves. And, with how people learn, comes how people communicate. It is often the same type of way. For example, an audio learner would much rather pick up the phone and call another co-worker, or go talk to them in person, instead of sending an email or memo. Conversely, many visual learners appreciate being able to communicate by email (I am definitely a visual learner and communicator!).

Fortunately, I believe that there is a form of communication that has some middle ground- and that is using hosted instant messaging, like Brosix, or a free messaging system like AIM. For audio learners, they get to have the feel of a real-time telephone or in-person communication, and for visual learners, they get the text component of an email. Meeting in the middle is sometimes the best way to create the best communication environment for your company.